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" Don’t ask what the world needs. Rather ask what makes you come alive. Then go and
do it. Because what the world needs, is people who have come alive "

Howard Thurman

Yoga classes

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Post Covid

Back on track after covid with individiual coaching

Breathing therapy

You make contact with yourself through your breath. There is [..]


Ayurveda is the health doctrine from India [..]

Personal guidance

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Being healthy and inspired makes you happy

Being healthy is not a matter of course. If you are healthy you do not think about it that much, if you are not healthy all the more. 

Yoga can help you feel comfortable and feel positive about life. By doing yoga exercises your body becomes more flexible and you connect with yourself, your body and your feelings. You become calmer, more balanced and relaxed. It also makes you stronger to meet with the challenges of everyday life.

Breathing therapy helps you to breathe deeper and more freely

Breathing therapy and Ayurvedic massage can, independently of the yoga practice, or in combination with it, maintain or improve your health. Breathing therapy helps you to breathe deeper and more freely. This has a direct effect on how you feel and how you are thinking. The Ayurvedic massage makes your body flexible, stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system and provides relaxation. Personal guidance and coaching is more focused on the spiritual aspect of your well-being. Your thoughts and beliefs have an important influence on how you feel and how you deal with people and situations in your life and how they affect you. Through personal coaching and guidance you can gain more insight into yourself as a person and what makes you happy or unhappy and what you can do about it and also how you can make your dreams come true.
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I wish you good health and lots of inspiration!