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Recruiting and keeping the right people is one of the critical success factors for the continuity and quality of an organization. Certainly in this tight labour market.

If employees are happy and enjoy working, they get the best out of themselves and stay healthy and inspired.

And that is desperately needed. Finally, everyone has to work longer and longer, as the state pension age continues to rise.

A company or organization can do a lot to create a good atmosphere and culture, from measures in the areas of safety, health and well-being, to leadership style, opportunities for personal development and vitality programs.

Absenteeism simply costs a lot of money, and prevention is better than cure. Unfortunately, employees with a burnout are no longer an exception.

Many employers encourage their employees to live and exercise healthily by offering facilities such as Yoga at work.

Yoga at work

Why Yoga at work? Yoga has a lot to offer. Not only on a physical level, but also in the field of mental well-being. Employees are more relaxed, more productive and creative. They feel better and appreciate that their employer organizes and pays the classes for them. If the employer facilitates the classes, employees are also more likely to participate.

By organizing a yoga class following the working day, employees do not have to travel far and they go home relaxed after a working day. The lessons can also be organized prior to the working day or during the break.

It does not require much more than a space that is quiet, light, spacious and clean and where a number of yoga mats can be placed.
Exercises that can be done at the desk, on a chair, to relax in the meantime, can also be included in the class.

Breathing therapy

Breathing therapy is given individually. This only requires a space where we can practice quietly and remain undisturbed.

Personal guidance and coaching and team coaching

I am a certified practioner in the method of Insights Discovery. A personal profile can be created on the basis of an online questionnaire, which provides insight into themselves and others. It is a strong basis for effective collaboration and optimal functioning, both for individuals and for teams. This method can be used in the context of personal development or in the event of problems at work. In addition to personal coaching, this method can also be used for team coaching in the context of team building and team development.


Being a good employer starts with investing in people and is one of the most important conditions for happiness at work

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