Breathing therapy

Breath makes life

You make contact with yourself through your breath. There is a direct relationship between your breathing and your thinking, that is, the way you breathe affects how you think and vice versa.

If you experience stress, your breath is fast and superficial. When you are relaxed, your breath is calm and deep. By consciously breathing calmly and deeply you can calm your mind and relax. Our way of life often disrupts or limits natural breathing. You are often not even aware of this, but it does affect how you feel and how or what you think. 

Breathing exercises

Breathing therapy helps to free your breath and can be applied to both physical and emotional problems.

During breathing therapy you lie on your back or on your stomach and / or sit upright, depending on what is preferable or necessary for you. Yoga or breathing exercises can be used, but also techniques where I can guide or deepen your breath with the help of my hands. Breathing therapy allows you to breathe deeper and more freely and relax. This has a direct affect on how you feel.

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