What is your inspiration?

” Don’t ask what the world needs.

Rather ask what makes you come alive.

Then go and do it.

Because what the world needs, is people who have come alive “

Howard Thurman

An intensive 1 on 1 coaching program, in which you learn to connect yourself deeply with your inner strength and wisdom, so that you create a life with inspiration, meaning and happiness

You have you reached a point in your life that you feel that "something" needs to change, or you do not know how to proceed from where you are now.

This can have several causes:

  • You have everything that you wish for in your life, but you still miss something essential;
  • You feel called to do something, but you have no idea how to respond to it;
  • You have experienced a difficult period or a shocking event and you have to find yourself again, but you do not know how;

It is, of course, a completely different starting point whether you have everything you wish for in your life and yet miss something essential, or whether you have to pick up yourself after a difficult period or shocking event. 

In all cases, however, you are looking for something to hold on to and for answers which help you to go further, for inspiration and, above all, for a basis within yourself that you can trust and that you can fall back on.

In this program you get handles and personal guidance that help you to regain your strength. You discover how you can find the answers you are looking for in yourself and how to turn your fears and doubts into trust, so that you start living from your own truth and who you are at the deepest level. The program helps you to discover what inspires you, to connect with it and to actually shape and realize it, so that you will do what is intended for you in this life.

One of the meanings of "ALIVE" is that you are "alive" in the sense that you live and breathe.

But there is also a deeper meaning that goes far beyond that and that is what this program is about.

Here are a few examples of what else ALIVE means: ALIVE nog meer voor betekenissen heeft:

  • That you have the feeling that you live, instead of surviving, that you experience joy of life;
  • That the things you do in your daily life give you meaning and fulfillment;
  • That you feel inspired to further develop yourself and to make your dreams and desires come true and that you feel like getting started with this;
  • That you find it exciting to push your limits and discover new things all the time;
  • That you have the confidence that you have the power, the courage and the wisdom to handle all challenges in life;

This program goes beyond the questions: "Who am I? What am I capable of? What do I want? Where most coaching programs stop here, this program continues with the question:“ What inspires me? What Makes Me Come ALIVE?” And: “How do I respond to this? “

In addition, this program has a holistic set-up, meaning that mental exercises are combined with yoga, breathing, meditation and visualization exercises that bring you into contact with your body, your feeling and your intuition. As a result, all your abilities come together and you gain deeper experiences and insights. This allows the personal transformation to come from within.

Do not worry that you have to perform all kinds of complicated postures on a yoga mat, that is not the approach. The point is that yoga exercises can bring you into contact with deeper layers within yourself, which you cannot reach with your thinking or your mind. All exercises have a purpose and can be adapted to everyone's options.

And finally: this is a program where intensive personal guidance and attention are central.

  • Discover what inspires you or what it is that you want to change in your life
  • Learn to examine your thoughts and beliefs and let go of what you no longer need and what you no longer serves;
  • Get in touch with your intuition, with your inner knowing and start thinking from possibilities instead of limitations;
  • Trust in your inner compass, step out of your comfort zone and actually achieve what you want;
  • Learn how you can always return to yourself and stay in the flow of your life.

During the program you will gain insight into the answer to the question:


And you dare to respond to this.

The program consists of 5 modules:

A ll the answers are within yourself

L et go of what you no longer need / what no longer serves you

I ntegrity / living in truth with yourself 

V ery much trust in your inner compass

E very time you can return to it

All the answers are in myself

In this module you will learn:

  • Gain insight into yourself and become aware that you can look at things from different perceptions;
  • Becoming aware of what is going on in your different areas of life and what you would like to change, of your desires and your dreams and what is holding you back;
  • How you can make contact with "yourself", with your body, with what goes on inside you;
  • To discover what you need to get to yourself, to find peace in yourself, to connect with who you really are;
  • Get your intentions clear and focus on what you want to achieve.

Module 2 - What do I have to let go to come alive? 

Let go of what I no longer need / what no longer serves me

In this module you will learn:

  • Becoming aware of what's going on inside you, your thoughts and emotions, your beliefs;
  • Investigate which beliefs and thoughts are helping you and which hinder you in what you want to achieve and let go and clean up what you no longer need / what no longer serves you;
  • Becoming aware of what costs you energy;
  • Face your fears and what they can teach you and turn them into trust;
  • Looking back on your life and appreciating what it has brought you and learned, how gratitude can help you and what it brings you to forgive yourself and others;
  • Thinking from possibilities instead of limitations.

I ntegrity / Living in truth with myself

In this module you will learn:

  • To become aware of what gives you energy, what makes you happy and how you can give this to yourself;
  • Re-examine your dreams and desires and start converting restrictive thoughts into thinking into possibilities;
  • What it means to live in truth with yourself;
  • Get in touch with your intuition, with your inner knowing and discover your own truth;
  • Dare to be yourself, dare to show yourself, speak your truth.

Very much trust in my inner compass

In this module you will learn:

  • Find the anchor in yourself and come home into yourself;
  • Stand in your power and take responsibility for your life;
  • Trust in the answers of your soul and surrender to the flow of your life;
  • Focus on what you want to achieve and take steps in this;
  • Push your limits and step out of your comfort zone, so that you help yourself further on your path;

Every time I can return to it

  • In this module you will learn: 

    • How you can always return to yourself;
    • How you integrate what you have learned in your life;
    • How you can stay in the flow of your life;
    • What you can do to continue from here yourself;
  • The program starts and ends with a VIP day including lunch at a location to be determined in the Netherlands;
  • Before the VIP day, I ask you to do a number of preparatory assignments and to go through the material for the first module;
  • The 1st The 1st VIP day is the kick-off of your program;
  • After the 1stt VIP day we have 4 personal coaching sessions of 2 hours and in between we have 5 x online interim progress meetings via ZOOM;
  • You will receive the material for the next module prior to each personal coaching session;
  • The program ends with a VIP day including lunch;
  • This program is intended for people who:

    • Recognize that it is time for a change in their lives, for the next step;
    • Want to take responsibility for their lives, their happiness and their personal development;
    • Are prepared to self-reflection to gain insight into oneself;
    • Dare to investigate their thoughts and beliefs;
    • Are open to look beyond what they have thought and done so far;
    • Dare to step out of their comfort zone and want to try new things.
    • Stand with both feet on the ground, but also have affinity with spirituality and consciousness.

If you recognize yourself in the target group and are enthusiastic about this program, I look forward to working with you!

If you would like to participate in this program, you can make this known via the contact form on this page

As soon as I have received your contact form, you will receive a registration form for an interest interview with a number of questions by email. I would like you to return this registration form. After receiving this form I will send you an invitation for a short telephone appointment with me. In this conversation you can ask me questions about the program and together we can determine whether this program is the right choice for you and whether there is a match between us. Of course I will also tell you the financial investment and the possibilities that are available.

After our interview you can decide whether you actually want to participate in the program. 

With warm regards, 

Marjoleine van Ooijen

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