Once I started my career as an executive secretary and over the years in work and study, I started specializing in Human Resource Management. I was particularly interested in working and dealing with people, "the combination of business and human aspects"

As a child I was already busy asking for meaning: “Why am I here, What am I doing here?”
I continued to search for answers throughout my life, but the answer I was looking for did not arrive.

The turnaround came in the summer of 2016 when my husband, the love of my life, died unexpectedly and suddenly. I arrived at a point in my life where I wondered: "What now?" "Something" in me called me to get myself together and look for the answer to that question.

Through the sadness an unprecedented power manifested itself to develop myself from within.

So I started the yoga teacher training at the Saswitha Training for Yoga and Philosophy in Bilthoven. Because of the training many pieces of the puzzle fell into place. A foundation has been laid for trust in life and in what is happening in it.

In November 2018, in addition to my regular job as an HR professional, I started my own company Yoga Health & Inspiration, for yoga classes, breath therapy, ayurvedic massage, personal guidance and coaching and team coaching. 



My inspiration for this was a statement by Howard Thurman, which is also on the homepage of my website. These words gave me the impetus to go on a voyage of discovery to what inspires me and have led me to actually realize my dreams.

Through this I have discovered where my strength lies and what inspires me and that is to guide people through awareness, personal development and transformation and to give yoga classes and make them accessible to all target groups.

My personal way was a beautiful and powerful way that came from within, from inspiration to meaning, fulfillment and happiness. I have found the anchor in myself and also discovered my inner compass and learned to trust and work with it. 

From my experiences I have developed my own unique coaching program with the title:

"What Makes You Come ALIVE?”

The strength of this program is the holistic set-up, the intensive personal guidance and attention and the fact that I myself am an experience expert in it. 

Do you want to know more about this, or about one of the other activities? Then contact me via the contact form. I am looking forward to meet you. 

With warm regards,