Hello, I'm Marjoleine Luijendijk, yoga teacher and life coach. Before I fully focused on teaching yoga and life coaching, I worked for a long time as a Human Resources professional at various companies.

In 2016 I started a professional education to become a yoga teacher at Saswitha Professional Education for Yoga and Philosophy. I have now graduated with a specialization in Chakra Psychology.

In 2018 I started my company Yoga Health & Inspiration, next to my job as HR Business Partner at the time. With my company I focus on vitality, happiness in life and work, awareness, personal development and transformation. 
My goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone who wants to practice yoga and to inspire people to do what makes them truly happy. 
In addition to giving yoga classes and life coaching, I also give breath therapy, yoga and mindfulness workshops and team building for companies and organizations.
Since the beginning of 2022 I also coach people who suffer from Post Covid complaints, such as fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle pain, hypersensitivity to stimuli, depression and such. The coaching mainly focuses on energetic recovery through breathing and relaxation exercises in combination with attention to the psychological and emotional aspects that play a role in these complaints.
I am a member of the professional association Yoga Teachers Netherlands (VYN) and Chair Yoga Netherlands and Flanders.
I am also registered in the Vektis register under the name Other therapists and Complementary and Supplementary care with 2 AGB codes:
Personal AGB-Code 90111949
Company AGB-Code 90070702



Why do you choose a different direction at a certain point in your life and change the course of your life?

You can get to such a point when you seem to have everything in order in your life, but still miss something and you think "Is this it?" Or just by a painful life experience, through which you are more or less forced by life toto ask a number of fundamental life questions and to look for meaning and answers.

This last happened to me in the summer of 2016 when my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly and my life completely changed in one fell swoop. Determined to pick myself up, at some point I read somewhere the statement by Howard Thurman which is also on the home page of this site. His words inspired me to rediscovering what really makes me happy from within.

This had led me to change the course of my life completely.

From my experiences I have developed a beautiful coaching program, with the theme and title:

"What Makes You Come ALIVE?”

I also wrote a book about this program with the same title.
More about the program, my book and what I have done next, you can find on the following pages.

Do you want to know more? Please contact me via the contact form or by telephone.

I am looking forward to meet you.

With warm regards,