Yoga classes

The unity of body and consciousness

Yoga classes voor ontspanning en vitaliteit, zowel individueel als groepslessen voor particulieren en bedrijven op diverse locaties. 

De lessen worden gegeven op onderstaande locaties:

  • In sportcentrum De Boogerd Oud Beijerland:
  • Maandag van 09.30 tot 10.30 uur Hatha Yoga deels met stoel;
  • Maandag van 10.45 tot 11.45 uur Hatha Yoga volledig met stoel;
  • Maandag van 19.30 tot 20.30 uur Hatha Yoga;
  • Lesgeld € 36,50 per maand of € 13,75 voor een losse les;
  • Donderdag van 10.30 tot 11.30 uur Stoelyoga in De Buitensluis Numansdorp;
  • Donderdag van 16.30 tot 17.30 uur Bedrijfsyoga bij Tiofarma Oud-Beijerland;
  • Vrijdag van 10.30 tot 11.30 uur Stoelyoga in De Open Waard Oud-Beijerland. Lesgeld € 10,00 per les.
  • Lessons can also be given at other locations in consultation. 

I was educated at the Saswitha Training for Yoga and Philosophy in Bilthoven. Saswitha is the oldest yoga teacher training in the Netherlands and also the largest of all yoga courses that are recognized by the VYN (Association of Yoga teachers in the Netherlands).

Saswitha Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga, based on the unity of body and consciousness, where the breath forms the connection. The breath "carries" the movement and focuses the attention.

In addition, I am certified to give chair yoga lessons through Stoelyoga Netherlands and Flanders.

Yoga classes

Relaxation exercises

A yoga class consists of standing, sitting and lying postures and is concluded with a (lying) final relaxation. We do exercises to address all  the movement options of the spine and joints. The exercises vary from 'subtle' to 'challenging' and can be adapted to everyone's capabilities. We are always looking for the right balance between relaxation and strength. Relaxation and breathing exercises are also part of the lesson.